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General Information:

The information below replaces the bi-annual Hailor as the Hailor is no longer being published.


Each year we hire contractors to do work we either are not skilled at, don’t have proper certification or the resources to complete.  We have a certified plumbing and electrical company.  Additionally, we have service companies to complete club lawn mowing, tree service, sprinkler system, trash removal and restroom/community room cleaning.  If you have a concern with the maintenance of the club, please contact any Board member and Not contractor’s personnel. A couple reminders: Please clean up after yourself in the restrooms and no not park on the grass where the sprinkler heads can be damaged.  We have a Board Member, who assumes the duties of general club maintenance person.


Life jackets are to be always worn by all unsupervised children twelve (12) years old or younger when on club property.


Dogs must be kept on leashes when not on the boats of members, renters, or guests. Please pick up after your pet.  No pets allowed in the club buildings.


 Anytime you plug in shore power to your vessel, there is a chance that you could be introducing an electrical current into the water.  To prevent this from happening we have a specific set of guidelines that must be followed to control the flow of electricity.

Power cords must also be capable of withstanding the wet environment normally associated with marine use. All power cords must be three conductor #10 marine grade AWG wire with insulation designed for use in wet environments. Where two cables are spliced together an approved marine grade connector must be used.  A cable not meeting this specification should never be used to connect shore power to your boat even for short periods of time and must not lie in the water at any time.

These rules apply to the temporary use of vacuum cleaners, power washers, sump pumps, etc. also.

Board members will take action if they note a violation of this guideline by removal of any plug-in that is not in compliance with the rules.


It has been noted that several boats in the club appeared to have not been properly maintained or visited very often.  Bird droppings, rotting leaves, misc debrie, collapsed canvases that collected stagnant water are some of the conditions. Boats have had issues filling with water and in danger of sinking.  Oil/fuel spills at the club can shut it down for hours or days while it is cleaned up.

Conditions like these are a detriment to the overall appearance of the club and lead to the breeding of mosquitoes etc. Please help us all to take pride in the appearance of our environment and grounds for our members and the community.


Absolutely no wet sanding, no dry sanding (by hand or machine), no spray painting, or any unsightly boat projects will be allowed at SSYC. BOD members reserve the right to rule on any such projects to protect members boats and club enjoyment.


There are volunteer sheets at both bath houses for annual projects. The projects are listed on the sheets a couple weeks before volunteers are needed.

Some of projects we need help with each summer include:

  • Weed spraying June and August.
  • Power washing bath houses and Community Room
  • Installing geese deterrent
  • 2024–Landscape rocks around flagpole and between the community room and bike rack
  • 2024-Paint the security fence top rails and posts

Without volunteers we need to pay others to do the tasks that need to be completed to make SSYC viable. This raises the cost of running the club and is passed on through assessments.  Please help when you can.


We annually monitor dock heights related to the changing water levels and raise and lower as needed to keep the docks and posts out of harm’s way during fluctuating water and ice levels. Owners are responsible for this action.  Remember there are two slips for each dock.  Please communicate with your dock mate. Members can adjust their own dock per club recommendations, or our maintenance person and his team will adjust your dock for $100 per side.


If you need any extra keys, contact the Fleet Captain or the Commodore ($10 each). Please drop old keys in boxes in bath houses.


We have tried multiple ways to deter the geese from moving in.  Pellets, spray, fake coyotes, nets on the rip rap and fishing wire strung from dock to dock.  All of these have worked to some degree.  The most effective appears to be the fishing line strung about 10” above the ground at the top of the rip rap from dock to dock.  Harassing the birds is illegal.  Please do not feed or encourage the birds in general. Please contact the Fleet Captain at to help.


The club has 40’ of oil boom (4 boxes) stored in the east grill storage area.  These boom sections are to be tied end to end with a small overlap to contain and absorb the spill around a boat or boats or across the waterway as we did with our first spill two seasons ago. We also have a box of oil absorbent pads stored in the west maintenance room. Contact any board member for access. These pads are used to float on the surface of the spill to absorb oil.

Please, ensure your bilges are clean and that oil and other pollutants are not pumped overboard by the bilge pump.  Oil releases, no matter how small, are required by law to be reported.


Annually spray for spiders around the buildings and docks to help control the eight legged beasts.  We always could use volunteers to help because it is a time-consuming job.

Please contact Operations at if you are interested in helping.


Please do not remove the anti-siphoning devices from the hose hook ups.  They are required by law to be there.


Please level up your dock boxes.  Besides being unsightly, many are collecting rainwater and providing breeding grounds for mosquitoes.


Modifications to your docks must meet club standards requiring a Modification Form. Variances from the standard can be applied for via a Variance Form. (See the Standards Board Member for forms).  Owners, please inform your renters of this requirement.


Please use the racks and do not store bikes in the laundry rooms or back rooms of the bath houses.


Please, the dumpsters are not emptied often enough to make large deposits of fish guts in the dumpster acceptable.


Storage of personal items including gas cans are not allowed in any club buildings. Gas cans on club property cannot exceed six (6) gallons.


The Annual Boating Party is scheduled the second Saturday of August Starting at and around the community room. More information will be listed on the “Club Annual Calendar & Activities” page.


America’s Boating Club of Saginaw Bay will be on site early in the boating season, for boat safety inspections.  For more information, please see the “Club Annual Calendar & Activities” page.


Sunset Shores Yacht Club is a BoatUS cooperating group (Group ID Number: GA82524Y).  SSYC currently has several members who have enjoyed half-price BoatUS memberships.  BoatUS represents recreational boaters by working on Capitol Hill, ensuring safe boating and clean water for generations to come and by resolving Member disputes with boat dealers or manufacturers.  BoatUS provides valuable benefits and services to keep you safe both on and off the water.   Join BoatUS now.

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