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Here on the Documents & Standards page is a collection of significant documents related to Sunset Shores Yacht Club (SSYC). Many of the club laws, association rules, forms and standard’s guides can be found here and are only a Click away to view or download. If the information or documents you want are not here, try our Who to Contact page for assistance.

General Forms (Some of these are fillable forms):

Note: See TIPS below for printing and using the fillable Documents and Forms. 

The above “Slip Lease Agreement” is recommended if you are planning to rent your slip.

If you plan to rent your slip, make sure you have your renter sign a “Slip Lease Agreement” (SLA). We’ve added a SLA document to our “Documents & Standards” section of the website to help our shareholders and our renters. When entering into any type of rental arrangement you should ensure that you have a valid contract to outline your rights and responsibilities as a landlord or a tenant. This helps both parties to understand what is expected when renting a slip at Sunset Shores Yacht Club (SSYC).

This SLA document helps you by providing the essential ingredients to the arrangement. However, bear in mind that all shareholders and renters are conducting a private transaction between themselves and SSYC has no responsibilities or obligations to the rental agreement. The shareholder is ultimately responsible for the conduct of the renter since, per our By-Laws, SSYC only recognizes the shareholder. The renter is a guest on the property to SSYC. By using the SLA agreement, it helps both parties to protect themselves from issues that may crop up.

The SLA document is available to download in both PDF and Microsoft Word format (in case you would like to edit the document for a specific need). The document is meant only as a guide and is strongly recommended to all shareholders that want to rent their slip.

Disclaimer: SSYC has provided the SLA as a curtesy and claims no legal obligations whatsoever to the parties attached to the SLA agreement.

Share Transfer Procedures:

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS):

Instructional Guides:

Note:  All Significant Changes to Docks, Grounds and/or Club Buildings MUST be approved by the Board of Directors PRIOR to making any changes. Contact the Director of Standards on our Who to Contact page for our procedures.


*  Tip: The form can be filled out & printed from your PC. You can still print it and fill it out by hand if preferred. Note: Firefox users will need to open in Adobe Reader for the fillable option. Look for “Open With Different Viewer”  or the “Download” button when the page opens.

** Tip: To print as a Booklet, download the file and open it in Adobe Acrobat Reader. In some cases you may need to select the “Booklet”  option when printing. Printer must be capable of printing on both sides to have the booklet form.

Important Standards Illustrations (click for full size view).

Recommended Mooring Standard (illustration curtesy of wikiHow with modifications for SSYC; see license)

SSYC Steel Dock Box Platform Standard

Updated Standards Illustrations
                       Dingy Rack

                     Cleat Installed Correctly (SSYC Association Rule 5)

Handrail Standard

fender board bracket
Fender Board Support Bracket

fenderboard (for wood const.)
Fender Board Bracket (Wood Construction)

New dock step( notes added ) 4-7-13
New Dock Step

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