Changes to Listing Policy In Sales and Rent Area

Due to increased demand from people trying to rent slips at Sunset Shores Yacht Club (SSYC), we are changing our policy for listing a slip to Rent effective this year. SSYC lists slips as a courtesy to it’s membership. Many potential renters call either the Fleet Captain or the Commodore when they are having difficulty finding an available slip. This has produced a tremendous workload on them. All Board of Director members are volunteers so this workload cuts into their personal time. Therefore, after a slip is Rented, the Rental entry  will be removed to end repeated inquiries. The slip may be added again the following year for the normal $20.00 listing donation.

The $20.00 donation goes toward the costs of having a website for the club. At all times, SSYC has reserved the right to change the listing policy. Members list at the discretion of the SSYC BOD.

Please see: Sunset Shores Yacht Club of Bay City, Michigan Disclaimers

Thank you for your understanding on this matter.

Sincerely, SSYC Board of Directors

New SSYC Association Rules:

Hello Members and Guests,

Two new rules were added to the Association Rule book by the SSYC Board of Directors (BOD) to address some issues that occurred during the 2016 season. These rules go into effect this 2017 season. From page 5 of the rule book:

24. Effective 2017 Season: To protect our rip-rap, all boats moored at SSYC must be placed bow in first (i.e. bow towards the rip-rap).

25.  All grill use must be 5 feet or more from permanent structures.

Have a fun and safe boating season!

Sincerely,  SSYC BOD


Violation Tags (VT):

What are these tags and why did I get one? This is a question that may cross the minds of the few that receive one of these tags during the season. VT’s were started a couple of seasons ago to convey messages about problems or violations that come up from time to time. The SSYC’s Board of Directors (BOD) is composed of volunteers and we don’t always have time to wait to talk in person or to try to track down a slip owner to call them about an issue.

Most of the issues that the VTs are used for are minor and only require the slip owner to see that the problem is corrected. Most of the time that is the end of it. On rare occasions the matter is escalated into a true violation issue and at that time the BOD follows the process outlined in the Bylaws of SSYC.

Sometimes it’s a complaint and sometimes we notice the issue that generated the VT.  We do our best to monitor our club to keep it safe and fun and we ask that you do the same.

Please don’t take these VTs personally as their primary use is to save us time and effort in handling these matters.

Remember, each slip owner is responsible for knowing and letting their guests know about the SSYC Association Rules. This especially applies to slip owners that rent their slips since renters are considered club guests. All documents are on our website.

New Cameras at SSYC

No…big brother is not watching you. But we are doing everything possible to make SSYC the safest club it can be. You may have noticed that cameras have gone up around the club. The main reason is to have documentation in case of criminal activities or club violations should they occur. Nothing beats a camera when it comes to witnessing a crime or other disturbance. As a rule, the Board of Directors will have very little to do with accessing the cameras recorded content. However, when a problem, crime or just a general need to review an occurrence of some kind takes place, we now have the ability to provide the recorded evidence. We are attempting to record as much of the club as possible and will likely add to the cameras over time as we identify missing sections that need coverage. Cameras are a proven deterrent to crime and help to keep honest people honest. There is a policy regarding the use of the cameras in the documentation section of this website. Please read it as it will answer most questions regarding what the cameras intended use will be. A link is provided here for your convenience.

Camera Policy: SSYC Video Surveillance Policy

Thanks and happy boating.

Thanks to Our Club Trimmers

Thanks to all that helped out with trimming SSYC’s yard. Three years ago this was done by a company at a cost of over $600.00 dollars. This year, volunteers did it for the cost of a couple of lunches; a considerable savings. It’s volunteers like this that help us keep costs down at SSYC. We want you to know we appreciate your help. Thanks again.

SSYC’s Board of Directors

Finishing SSYC’s Trim

Sunset Shores Yacht Club (SSYC) needs a trim. On May 17, 2016 we’d like volunteers to help us finish edging SSYC’s property. If you can help us out, please plan to be there at 10:00am. Also, if you have your own trimmer, please bring it to help speed up the process.

Leading the project is Operations Director, Stan Musial. If you have any questions, please contact, Stan.

Email: & Phone: +1 (989) 893-8763

Theft of Dock Boxes

We are receiving reports that several dock boxes have gone missing. Slip #2 had their dock box taken. We are looking for information concerning anything someone may have seen regarding people that appear to be working on a dock box at the club. At the time of this write-up, we are trying to get confirmation as to whether or not other boxes where stolen or just removed by the owner. It appears slip #88 has had their box removed.

Please check your slips to see if your dock boxes have been taken. If you find that they have been stolen, please file a police report and let us know too. This will help us to get more regular patrols of our area. As always, keep a look out for anything strange or just doesn’t feel right and report it to a SSYC Board of Director member. Call the police if you believe a criminal act is taking place.

Anyone with information about the missing dock boxes, please report it to, Kris Martek, Director of Violations (734) 495-0766 or any SSYC Board of Directors member. All our contact information is on the website. We appreciate any help you may give on this matter.

Shareholder’s Renting Slips…use an SLA

If you plan to rent your slip, make sure you have your renter sign a “Slip Lease Agreement” (SLA). We’ve added a SLA document to our “Documents & Standards” section of the website to help our shareholders and our renters. When entering into any type of rental arrangement you should ensure that you have a valid contract to outline your rights and responsibilities as a landlord or a tenant. This helps both parties to understand what is expected when renting a slip at Sunset Shores Yacht Club (SSYC).

This SLA document helps you by providing the essential ingredients to the arrangement. However, bear in mind that all shareholders and renters are conducting a private transaction between themselves and SSYC has no responsibilities or obligations to the rental agreement. The shareholder is ultimately responsible for the conduct of the renter since, per our By-Laws, SSYC only recognizes the shareholder. The renter is a guest on the property to SSYC. By using the SLA agreement, it helps both parties to protect themselves from issues that may crop up.

The SLA document is available to download in both PDF and Microsoft Word format (in case you would like to edit the document for a specific need). The document is meant only as a guide and is strongly recommended to all shareholders that want to rent their slip.

Disclaimer: SSYC has provided the SLA as a curtesy and claims no legal obligations whatsoever to the parties attached to the SLA agreement.