Please see the following notice concerning the need to raise your dock. Most docks will need to be raised due to the unusually high water this season. This notification document details who will need to raise their docks and how high. Please direct questions to any SSYC, Board of Directors member. It will be a busy season close so your help is appreciated.


More Wi-Fi Upgrades on the Way

The Wi-Fi for SSYC was updated a couple of years ago and the club has taken full advantage of the new features. However, this has exposed some limitations concerning the speed and coverage areas when using our Wi-Fi. Because Wi-Fi has become one of the most demanded benefits of any marina, we are starting the process to update the existing Wi-Fi service to a one gigabyte internet speed service; this is more than 10 times as fast as the previous service.

We are also updating the Wi-Fi equipment to address some dead-zones and weak signal areas. These changes should be done early in the season. These upgrades should continue to make SSYC the best Wi-Fi in any marina in Bay City.

New SSYC Association Rule 2019:

Hello Members and Guests,

A new rule was added to the Association Rule book by the SSYC Board of Directors (BOD) to address some issues that occurred during the 2018 season. This rule go into effect this 2019 season. From page 5 of the rule book:

26. Effective 2019 Season – Absolutely no wet sanding, no dry sanding (by hand or machine), no spray painting, or any unsightly boat projects will be allowed at SSYC. BOD members reserve the right to rule on any such projects to protect members boats and club enjoyment.

Have a fun and safe boating season!

Sincerely,  SSYC BOD

Changes to Listing Policy In Sales and Rent Area

Due to increased demand from people trying to rent slips at Sunset Shores Yacht Club (SSYC), we are changing our policy for listing a slip to Rent effective this year. SSYC lists slips as a courtesy to it’s membership. Many potential renters call either the Fleet Captain or the Commodore when they are having difficulty finding an available slip. This has produced a tremendous workload on them. All Board of Director members are volunteers so this workload cuts into their personal time. Therefore, after a slip is Rented, the Rental entry  will be removed to end repeated inquiries. The slip may be added again the following year for the normal $20.00 listing donation.

The $20.00 donation goes toward the costs of having a website for the club. At all times, SSYC has reserved the right to change the listing policy. Members list at the discretion of the SSYC BOD.

Please see: Sunset Shores Yacht Club of Bay City, Michigan Disclaimers

Thank you for your understanding on this matter.

Sincerely, SSYC Board of Directors

New SSYC Association Rules:

Hello Members and Guests,

Two new rules were added to the Association Rule book by the SSYC Board of Directors (BOD) to address some issues that occurred during the 2016 season. These rules go into effect this 2017 season. From page 5 of the rule book:

24. Effective 2017 Season: To protect our rip-rap, all boats moored at SSYC must be placed bow in first (i.e. bow towards the rip-rap).

25.  All grill use must be 5 feet or more from permanent structures.

Have a fun and safe boating season!

Sincerely,  SSYC BOD


Violation Tags (VT):

What are these tags and why did I get one? This is a question that may cross the minds of the few that receive one of these tags during the season. VT’s were started a couple of seasons ago to convey messages about problems or violations that come up from time to time. The SSYC’s Board of Directors (BOD) is composed of volunteers and we don’t always have time to wait to talk in person or to try to track down a slip owner to call them about an issue.

Most of the issues that the VTs are used for are minor and only require the slip owner to see that the problem is corrected. Most of the time that is the end of it. On rare occasions the matter is escalated into a true violation issue and at that time the BOD follows the process outlined in the Bylaws of SSYC.

Sometimes it’s a complaint and sometimes we notice the issue that generated the VT.  We do our best to monitor our club to keep it safe and fun and we ask that you do the same.

Please don’t take these VTs personally as their primary use is to save us time and effort in handling these matters.

Remember, each slip owner is responsible for knowing and letting their guests know about the SSYC Association Rules. This especially applies to slip owners that rent their slips since renters are considered club guests. All documents are on our website.