Time to Check Your Dock for Winter 2020-2021

Time to check your dock against the SSYC Reference Dock. Please make sure that your dock is as high or higher than the reference dock.

Measure from the water to the bottom of the dock and then compare this distance to your own dock. If you fall short, then your dock will need to be raised. If you need help checking or raising it, contact a SSYC Board member.

If you fail to raise your dock (should it need it) by the second Saturday of October, a $100 charge can be assessed; October 10, 2020 is this year’s deadline. This is in accordance to rule 21 of our Association Rules.

The Reference dock was set on September 4, 2020. Look for the new Reference Dock sign indicating which dock it is; near Slip 180. See the below picture.

This sign will be used in the future for indicating the date the dock was set.

SIncerely, SSYC Board of Directors