Changes to Listing Policy In Sales and Rent Area

Due to increased demand from people trying to rent slips at Sunset Shores Yacht Club (SSYC), we are changing our policy for listing a slip to Rent effective this year. SSYC lists slips as a courtesy to it’s membership. Many potential renters call either the Fleet Captain or the Commodore when they are having difficulty finding an available slip. This has produced a tremendous workload on them. All Board of Director members are volunteers so this workload cuts into their personal time. Therefore, after a slip is Rented, the Rental entry  will be removed to end repeated inquiries. The slip may be added again the following year for the normal $20.00 listing donation.

The $20.00 donation goes toward the costs of having a website for the club. At all times, SSYC has reserved the right to change the listing policy. Members list at the discretion of the SSYC BOD.

Please see: Sunset Shores Yacht Club of Bay City, Michigan Disclaimers

Thank you for your understanding on this matter.

Sincerely, SSYC Board of Directors