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Letter from the SSYC Commodore regarding the channel – posted

Good morning Sunset Shores Yacht Club Members,

            The channel entering our club is at the mercy of Lake Huron & Saginaw Bay-Saginaw River.  Earlier this summer, we dredged the channel to a depth of 6’.  (This was a point that was determined by the dredge company.)  After they completed their work, we said it was not good enough.  The company then went back into the channel & used our point of reference which was a  depth of 6’.  Our crew went back out & checked their work and found the depth to be satisfactory.   At that point the lakes & river decided to adjust what we did.  This is a simple explanation of what transpired.  The lake, Bay & river won.  We work with Bay City Yacht Club to determine dredging needs as it is a shared channel.  The first step in that process is to check the depth for accurate soundings to determine how much needs to be dredged in the spring.  The bottom line is we need the water to return to Lake Huron-Saginaw Bay-Saginaw River as the water fluctuation would not affect the channel so much.  Plan your exit from SSYC based on wind direction.  (North Wind)

       William Roberts

Future lake Level Forecast

Historic Lake Levels in Essexville

Channel Depth Update – posted

Sailboats or boats that draw 4′ or more need to proceed with caution in the channel. Depths of 4.5′ (hard packed, not silt) have been reported near the channel buoy closest to the SW corner of the BCYC wall with WSW winds at approx. 8 knots. Winds from the North help the depth a little but may not be present when you are navigating the channel. Please use extreme caution when entering or leaving the channel.

Annual Club Schedule

The following schedule will be reviewed on an annual basis by the BOD and amended as needed.



No Activities


Second Tuesday – Board Meeting


March 5 – Annual Invoices Mailed to Shareholders

Second Tuesday – Board Meeting


April 1 – Gates Open – No Utilities

Second Tuesday – Board Meeting

Third Saturday – Club Opens for Season, Utilities Turned On

Fourth Saturday – Annual Shareholders Meeting 9:00, SSYC Community Room


Second Tuesday– Board Meeting

May 15 – Annual Assessment Payment Due – Late Fee of $25 per month Starts

May 15 – Channel Sounded and Entrance Channel Bouys Deployed


Second Tuesday – Board Meeting

June 15 – Annual Assessment with Late Fee Due


No Activities


Second Tuesday – Board Meeting

Second Saturday 5:30 pm – Annual Picnic, SSYC Community Room Peninsula


Second Saturday – Winter Dock Height Set

Second Tuesday – Board Meeting


October 1 – Notify Membership of Which Docks Need to be Raised

Second Tuesday – Board Meeting

Second Saturday – Water Turned off, Restrooms Locked, Raising of Remaining Docks, Picnic Tables Put Away, Winterization of Equipment


November 1 – Late Payment Fee of $500 Added to Annual Assessment

November 1 – Locks Changed to All Gates Except Main Gate

November 15 – SSYC Closed for the Season – Electric Turned Off, All Gates Locked, All Boats Must Be Removed from Club


December 1 – Final, Annual Assessment, Late Fee Invoice Sent to Shareholder and 30-day Clock Begins

December 31 – Non-Payment Share is Returned to SSYC for Sale

Select the link for a printable document – SSYC Annual Schedule