New Cameras at SSYC

No…big brother is not watching you. But we are doing everything possible to make SSYC the safest club it can be. You may have noticed that cameras have gone up around the club. The main reason is to have documentation in case of criminal activities or club violations should they occur. Nothing beats a camera when it comes to witnessing a crime or other disturbance. As a rule, the Board of Directors will have very little to do with accessing the cameras recorded content. However, when a problem, crime or just a general need to review an occurrence of some kind takes place, we now have the ability to provide the recorded evidence. We are attempting to record as much of the club as possible and will likely add to the cameras over time as we identify missing sections that need coverage. Cameras are a proven deterrent to crime and help to keep honest people honest. There is a policy regarding the use of the cameras in the documentation section of this website. Please read it as it will answer most questions regarding what the cameras intended use will be. A link is provided here for your convenience.

Camera Policy: SSYC Video Surveillance Policy

Thanks and happy boating.