Shareholder’s Renting Slips…use an SLA

If you plan to rent your slip, make sure you have your renter sign a “Slip Lease Agreement” (SLA). We’ve added a SLA document to our “Documents & Standards” section of the website to help our shareholders and our renters. When entering into any type of rental arrangement you should ensure that you have a valid contract to outline your rights and responsibilities as a landlord or a tenant. This helps both parties to understand what is expected when renting a slip at Sunset Shores Yacht Club (SSYC).

This SLA document helps you by providing the essential ingredients to the arrangement. However, bear in mind that all shareholders and renters are conducting a private transaction between themselves and SSYC has no responsibilities or obligations to the rental agreement. The shareholder is ultimately responsible for the conduct of the renter since, per our By-Laws, SSYC only recognizes the shareholder. The renter is a guest on the property to SSYC. By using the SLA agreement, it helps both parties to protect themselves from issues that may crop up.

The SLA document is available to download in both PDF and Microsoft Word format (in case you would like to edit the document for a specific need). The document is meant only as a guide and is strongly recommended to all shareholders that want to rent their slip.

Disclaimer: SSYC has provided the SLA as a curtesy and claims no legal obligations whatsoever to the parties attached to the SLA agreement.